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Ep. 76

Picnic Table

21 May 2024

Romance is in the air when a pair of strangers both claim the last open picnic table in a park at exactly the same time. Their strong personalities clash, but their two friend groups decide to share the table. The main characters end up dating each other’s friends, but when that turns sour and they both end up getting burned, they start to realize how much they have in common—and the feelings they have for one another.

Previous Episodes


02 January 2024

An aging scientist finally completes his decades-long quest to eliminate world hunger by growing the perfect potato. He savors the delicious tuber, but laments that life passed him by. He wakes up the next morning surprised to discover that he is once again a young man. His newfound youth comes with a price, however: He is slowly turning into a potato. Genius and madness mix as he continues to try to feed the world.


19 December 2023

A couple of days before Christmas, a greedy family accepts a too-good-to-be-true offer, despite the protestations of their angelic daughter. As a result, they are all sent to Hell, where they are given 24 hours to reach a nearly inaccessible basin of holy water that will grant them entrance into Heaven. The only problem with making it to Heaven is that you’re still dead. Is there any way for them to make it back to Earth in time for Christmas?


05 December 2023

A young mother missing the carefree life she had in college gets a second chance at an easygoing lifestyle when a pair of novelty cat paw mittens magically turn her into a cat. Although it’s fun at first, the responsibilities begin to pile up, and she quickly learns that changing back into her human self isn’t as easy of a prospect as it seems.


21 November 2023

Jake is a smarter-than-average domesticated turkey living on a poultry farm. He has it all: Food, security, and a girlfriend. But when he escapes from his pen, gets lost in the woods, and meets a flock of wild turkeys, he is introduced to a way of life and a world he never knew existed. The wild turkeys help Jake get home to the farm, but now that he’s had a taste of freedom, will he stay?


07 November 2023

In a dystopian future, overpopulation is a constant threat. In an attempt to avert disaster, the government periodically culls the population through challenges delivered to citizens via special watches. After one such limiting event, a couple decides it would be safe to have a baby—only to learn of a sudden, new limiting event. They join a group of rebels, which leads them on an adventure they could never have predicted.


24 October 2023

Despite the dark and the cold, Shep and Thomas join Emily in a pumpkin patch at night to surreptitiously tell each other spooky stories about pumpkins. There may not be a campfire, but there are snacks, blankets, and pumpkin spice lattes. There are even hay bales to sit on! Or are they straw bales? Either way, at least the trio aren’t in the woods this time, which means they should be safe, right?


10 October 2023

An aging wrestler is contractually required to perform in one final match, where he must intentionally lose and give up his championship belt. The match is set to take place on the other side of the country, but the wrestler is afraid to fly. He plans a cross-country road trip with the man he loves, but at the last minute an old wrestling buddy shows up to give him a ride.

Bonus: Flamin’ Hot Review

03 October 2023

The trio discuss what they think the Flamin’ Hot movie might be about, and then watch the film and review it.


26 September 2023

A group of friends from college, now middle-aged, gather for an Oktoberfest celebration. Their host intends to tell his comrades about his illness and impending death, but he isn’t able to find the right time to share this grave news. Over the course of the same weekend, he begins to reconnect with his estranged father and learns more about his mother’s affliction with the same illness.


12 September 2023

A magician’s assistant steals his mentor’s face in order to rob a wealthy sheik, who has rented out Alcatraz to throw an extravagant party. When the magician is blamed for the theft, he and his compatriots must escape from the notorious prison and race against time to stop the assistant and recover the magician’s face.