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Almost Plausible

Ep. 37

Turkey Baster

22 November 2022

We’re going medieval on this episode about a mute palace servant whose sole job is to baste the king’s turkey legs. When the queer king can’t (or won’t) produce an heir, the turkey baster is called in to assist—but probably not in the way you’re thinking. It’s a farce of mistaken identities, complete with sex, murder, and a happy ending (*ahem* several, actually).

Previous Episodes


26 July 2022

Let’s say it’s the 1980s and you’re new in town. To meet your neighbors and make some friends, you decide to host a Tupperware party. But some ditzy wannabes roll up to your crib, tell you that you’re invading their turf, and demand that you cut it out. What would you do? If you’re anything like the main character of our story this week, you take a chill pill, befriend a biker gang, and say, “yes way” to your future.

Oh, and those airheads from earlier? It turns out they’re members of a Satanic cult, and now they want to sacrifice you to appease the Dark Lord. Gag me with a spoon, right? I wonder if your new biker gang friends might be able to help you out with your little Satanist problem…

Washing Machine

19 July 2022

Imagine you and a stranger are suddenly teleported to a deserted island together, where you’re stuck for an entire year. Do you think you could survive? Do you think you might fall in love? What if the two of you weren’t on the island alone—what if there was a magical washing machine on the island with you?

This week’s episode focuses on a washing machine, and despite a bit of a rough start, we end up creating a fun romantic comedy about a couple of city-dwellers who have to set aside their differences to stay alive on an abandoned tropical island.


12 July 2022

Can a couple’s relationship survive when a dark secret is revealed? That’s what we explore in this week’s episode about a padlock. After a young woman’s love goes unrequited, she takes what seems to her like a sensible step to lock down the man she loves. It works, but when he learns the truth about how their idyllic lives together got started, he begins to question their entire relationship.

Cat Toy

05 July 2022

What do Indiana Jones, Winston Churchill, Al Capone, and a cat toy have in common? Previously the answer was, “nothing,” but listen to this week’s episode and you’ll see how we manage to tie them all together. Joining us is special guest Peter J. Wacks, who brings more Hollywood experience than any of us can claim, as well as a few good puns.


28 June 2022

Independence Day in the U.S. is right around the corner, so we’re celebrating with a Fourth of July classic: Fireworks! On this episode, we create some teenage characters who live where fireworks are illegal, but that doesn’t stop them from trying to get their hands on some. Things go hilariously wrong, and it’s up to our quick-witted high schoolers to figure out how to set it all right—or at least get their hands on the season’s most popular fireworks.


21 June 2022

According to Urban Dictionary, the irrational fear of zippers is called jumaphobia. It seems like a pretty rare phobia, but maybe after listening to this week’s episode there’ll be at least a few more cases. We promise it’s not too scary! Maybe more unnerving? Either way, it’s definitely entertaining.

Bowling Pin

14 June 2022

What do stolen diamonds, a shady pawn shop, and a bowling pin have in common? They’re all part of the story we came up with on this week’s show. When a couple of brothers learn their grand plan has been derailed, they quickly discover a trap has been laid for them. And somehow there’s a bowling pin at center of it all.


07 June 2022

This week on Almost Plausible we welcome our first guest host, Daniel Hess! Daniel chose “brick” for the subject of the episode, and the pitches were about as varied as possible. We must have ended up choosing the right one, though, because we never found ourselves up against the wall while coming up with a story. We enjoyed having Daniel on the show, and by the end we came up with a movie we all wanted to see. Hopefully you’ll agree with us that this episode is out of this world!


31 May 2022

Whiteboards. They’re big, they’re flat, the pens smell weird, but more than anything they’re hard. A hard surface, yes, but also hard to write a movie about. Like, really hard. This week’s episode was almost a complete failure, but after a pretty in-depth false start, we managed to backtrack and find a new, much more successful path. But hey, that’s writing! You can’t be too precious about what you’ve written, and sometimes the best idea is to throw it all out and start over.

BBQ Grill

24 May 2022

Memorial Day is next week, and for many people that means getting out in the backyard and grilling up something tasty. Whether you like steaks, veggies, or burgers and hot dogs (or all of the above!), there’s nothing quite like the delicious, smoky flavor the BBQ grill imparts to your food. So with that in mind, the theme this week is BBQ Grill, and we assure this episode is grilled to perfection!