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Almost Plausible

Ep. 32


13 September 2022

Charlie is comfortable with his life just the way it is. But a chance encounter with a vendor of homemade bath products at a farmers’ market turns Charlie’s old, familiar life on its head. It’s a return to magical reality in our episode about shampoo, and we follow Charlie as he struggles to get back the life he lost—with a few important changes.

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01 February 2022

Welcome to Almost Plausible! We’re three friends who love movies and making up stories. On this podcast, we have less than an hour to take an everyday object (in this episode, it’s a calculator) and create a story where that object takes a central or critical role in the story.

Join us as we create characters, work out the plot, solve some problems (ha!), and have fun along the way.

Almost Plausible Trailer

20 January 2022

Welcome to Almost Plausible! The podcast that takes ordinary ideas and turns them into stories. Join Thomas, Emily, and F. Paul Shepard as they come up with an entire movie plot in under an hour, all centered around some everyday object.