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Ep. 73

Ship in a Bottle

09 April 2024

When a genie trapped in a ship in a bottle is finally (and accidentally) freed by a group of teens, she takes the kids on a life-changing high seas adventure with pirates, talking animals, and of course, treasure.

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26 March 2024

The residents of a peaceful mountain town are shocked when a sandstorm inexplicably blows in and converts the whole area into a hot, sandy desert. They soon discover an idyllic city where their lake used to be, but what initially appears to be a gift quickly turns deadly.

Green Beer

12 March 2024

A man steals a flask of liquid luck from a leprechaun, which ends up making its way into some beer, turning it green. Drinking the green beer gives you temporary good luck. When a group of friends discovers this, one of them heads to a casino to put his good luck to use. What they don’t yet know is there’s a price to pay: When the good luck runs out, the pendulum swings in the other direction causing you an equal amount of bad luck.

Leap Day

27 February 2024

A worldwide lottery drawing that happens every leap day reaches a one trillion dollar jackpot—and a single person wins the whole thing. Now that he has more money than anyone else in the world, his life gets demonstrably worse. What can he do to turn things around and win the heart of the woman he loves?


13 February 2024

Cynthia rescued Gerard the bear when he was a cub and taught him to ride a tricycle. When a circus comes to town, Cynthia is overjoyed when she and Gerard are invited to join the circus and see the world. Her elation dissipates when she learns that the circus is run by literal demons, and one of them has his sights set on her.

Bonus: Two Year Bracket

01 February 2024

To celebrate the start of our third year, we figure out which episode is our favorite through a bracket challenge on the show’s anniversary.

Light Bulb

30 January 2024

A group of post-apocalyptic survivors living in an underground bunker is forced to venture outside for the first time in 20 years when their grow lights start burning out. The world outside the bunker is still a deadly place, and finding the supplies they need proves a more difficult task than they anticipated as nearly every animal they encounter tries to kill them.

Sewing Machine

16 January 2024

Bob is a neurotic tailor with a good heart, and Alice is his uptight, domineering, fashion designer boss. Alice wants the company to start using an experimental new sewing machine that can fuse fabrics together, leaving no visible seams. Bob is more of a traditionalist and doesn’t like this idea. The two go head-to-head over the issue, and end up fused to each other side-by-side. Figuring out how to live and work together is just the beginning of their problems…


02 January 2024

An aging scientist finally completes his decades-long quest to eliminate world hunger by growing the perfect potato. He savors the delicious tuber, but laments that life passed him by. He wakes up the next morning surprised to discover that he is once again a young man. His newfound youth comes with a price, however: He is slowly turning into a potato. Genius and madness mix as he continues to try to feed the world.


19 December 2023

A couple of days before Christmas, a greedy family accepts a too-good-to-be-true offer, despite the protestations of their angelic daughter. As a result, they are all sent to Hell, where they are given 24 hours to reach a nearly inaccessible basin of holy water that will grant them entrance into Heaven. The only problem with making it to Heaven is that you’re still dead. Is there any way for them to make it back to Earth in time for Christmas?


05 December 2023

A young mother missing the carefree life she had in college gets a second chance at an easygoing lifestyle when a pair of novelty cat paw mittens magically turn her into a cat. Although it’s fun at first, the responsibilities begin to pile up, and she quickly learns that changing back into her human self isn’t as easy of a prospect as it seems.