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Almost Plausible

Ep. 37

Turkey Baster

22 November 2022

We’re going medieval on this episode about a mute palace servant whose sole job is to baste the king’s turkey legs. When the queer king can’t (or won’t) produce an heir, the turkey baster is called in to assist—but probably not in the way you’re thinking. It’s a farce of mistaken identities, complete with sex, murder, and a happy ending (*ahem* several, actually).

Previous Episodes

Garden Hose

17 May 2022

Our pitches this week are anything but garden variety as we come up with a movie where a garden hose plays a big role. A couple of our ideas are all wet, but luckily the three of us are flexible. Thanks to Emily’s decisiveness, we quickly choose one idea, which turns out to practically write itself. The story is built on tropes, but constantly subverts expectations, and in the end our hero overcomes his greatest enemy… With a garden hose.

Bread Maker

10 May 2022

Who doesn’t love the smell of warm, freshly baked bread? We certainly do, which is why this week we’re cooking up a story about a bread maker. Among several ideas for movies about bread based businesses, we come up with a tasty business venture of our own. We battle furiously to set ourselves apart from both common expectations and movies that already exist. And along the way we learn that Joseph Lee, the inventor of the commercial bread machine, was a fascinating guy.

Also, we throw down a challenge for the audience to take a clip from the movie Encanto and… Er… Improve it? Perhaps the most amazing part of the episode is when we learn just how old one celebrity really is.


03 May 2022

On this week’s episode, we shine a light on a group of people living in the dark in more ways than one. They have only a single beacon to illuminate their world, and our story begins as their source of light is in peril. An unexpected answer is brought to light by a small faction, and it’s up to them to help their compatriots see the light of day.

Paper Clip

26 April 2022

This week, you may ask, “What’s Cooking?” Well, “Today’s Special” is nothing short of a “Big Night” for us when we come up with an “Off the Menu” story about a paper clip. There will be no “Waiting…” as we choose a pitch faster than we ever have.

It’s a fairly simple premise, but as we get “In the Weeds” we end up with a lot of “Spinning Plates” in fairly “Short Order.” Things get “Heavy” fairly quickly, tensions rise, and pent-up frustrations become “Uncorked” as the story reaches its “Boiling Point.” In the end, everyone gets their “Just Desserts,” and realizes that “A Rising Tide” will, at least in this case, lift all ships.

We’re really happy with how this one turned out, and we don’t think you’ll feel “Burnt” after you listen to it. “No Reservations” are needed to enjoy this “Delicious” episode, just download, listen, and raise a “Toast” to our story about a paper clip.

Lunch Box

19 April 2022

We had to think outside the box this week, as we came up with ideas for a movie about a lunch box. There was some initial concern about lunch boxes being a container, and despite the issues we’ve faced with containers in the past, we manage to come up with an assortment of interesting ideas.

If this movie were to be made, we think the box office numbers would probably be pretty good. So grab a box seat and get ready for a power lunch of an episode, filled with a cast of wacky characters. We know who we would cast for each role, but who would you like to see in the film?

Jelly Beans

12 April 2022

Easter is a few days away, so to celebrate we’re putting our own spin on a classic English fairy tale. It’s a tale of magical candy, giants, talking mice, and the return of the reluctantly benevolent government. You might say we have our heads in the clouds, but give it a listen and remember what the dormouse said!


05 April 2022

Extra, extra! The latest issue of Almost Plausible is hot off the press and available now! This week’s headline is “newspaper,” and our talking heads have created a story where the old fish wrap really shines. That’s the good news. The bad news is… Well, it may not be quite _all_ the news that’s fit to print, so to speak. There’s no fake news here, so download this episode that focuses on the fourth estate, and… Uh… Wow. That is _a lot_ of newspaper references for one paragraph, huh?


29 March 2022

This week on Almost Plausible, we attempt to decide which story to develop through a literal coin toss. Our protagonist finds a penny, but will it bring her luck, or is her penny dreadful? And minor spoiler alert: We finally tackle a story about time travel. Join us for an episode full of excitement, insights, and a ton of references.

Paper Bag

22 March 2022

Pack your lunch in a paper bag because on this week’s episode, we explore ideas for a movie about a paper bag. It’s time for another quirky romantic comedy from your favorite fake screenwriting trio. How can a paper bag be romantic? And what problems will our protagonist face along the way? Does she have everything in the bag, or does she end up getting sacked? (Insert Shep grumbling here…) The only way to find out is to listen!

Toilet Brush

15 March 2022

You probably don’t think much of your toilet brush. Oh sure, you may be grateful it gets shoved into your toilet to do the cleaning so you don’t have to stick your hand down there, but no one would ever make an entire movie about a toilet brush right? Well…

On this week’s episode, we get down and dirty with the idea of a toilet brush playing a central role in a film. What could our toilet brush movie even be about? How could it be anything but gross? And how does Denny’s fit into it all?