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Ep. 76

Picnic Table

21 May 2024

Romance is in the air when a pair of strangers both claim the last open picnic table in a park at exactly the same time. Their strong personalities clash, but their two friend groups decide to share the table. The main characters end up dating each other’s friends, but when that turns sour and they both end up getting burned, they start to realize how much they have in common—and the feelings they have for one another.

Previous Episodes


29 August 2023

A young woman on a gap year trip through Europe is surprised to discover that the tooth on her necklace is a magical dragon tooth. The dragon’s spirit begins to fulfill her desires to be a popular social media influencer, but her newfound fame brings with it real danger. Two opposing factions are battling over the tooth, and the winner will decide the fate of humanity.


15 August 2023

In a future where all cars are driven by artificial intelligence, collisions are a thing of the past. So when an AI-driven car appears to intentionally crash into another vehicle, an insurance investigator is given the task of figuring out how this could have happened. He’s paired with an android running a copy of the car’s AI software, and together the sleuths follow a trail of improbable clues as they attempt to learn the truth about what went wrong and why.


01 August 2023

When Mark receives a wall calendar as a New Year’s gift, he doesn’t think much of it. After all, who uses a physical calendar anymore? But when he accidentally discovers the calendar is magical and it can send him backward and forward in time, he uses it to try to shortcut his way to achieving his lifelong goal of writing a novel. Things don’t go as planned, and he quickly uses up the calendar’s magic—and has wasted another year of his life. When he receives another magical calendar the following New Year, he has to decide how to use it wisely, which may include not using it at all.


18 July 2023

A dermatologist embeds with a nudist colony to research a new kind of sunscreen that is natural and more effective than existing creams. She befriends a handsome naturist, but loses his trust when the company she works for burns her—just like he said they would.


04 July 2023

On the first manned mission to Mars, when the astronauts reach the mission area they discover a flag has already been planted and all of their supplies have been used up. With all their food and water gone, they head back to the ship to return to Earth… But it’s also gone. They soon realize they’re jumping around in time, and a faulty time machine from the future is to blame. The crew must stick together to avoid getting separated in time while they try to figure out how to get home.

Can Opener

20 June 2023

If you like the National Lampoon films, then you’ll love our farcical take on a story about a kleptomaniacal can opener repairman who becomes a reluctant detective investigating an apparent murder involving—you guessed it—a can opener. The situation quickly (and hilariously) escalates, and soon the police, the mob, and even the mayor are pursuing him all over town. With no dead body, no apparent suspect, and no clear leads, the can opener repairman really has his work cut out for him in this raucous romp.


06 June 2023

When a prince crosses a witch, she curses him to spend eternity as a bird. 300 years later, the witch’s descendent accidentally releases him from his spell. Can they set aside their differences and work together to restore him to the throne, oust the corrupt regent, and return their country to its former glory?


23 May 2023

Improviser Adal Rifai joins the Almost Plausible crew in this hilarious story about a pair of food truck owners who face off during a cooking battle with a hefty cash prize. Despite their initial headbutting, the chefs soon discover they have more in common than just their cuisine, leading to a romantic entanglement.


09 May 2023

In the early twentieth century, a group of lumberjacks head into a remote part of the woods to work. The plan is to spend two weeks felling trees and finishing a log flume, but a series of attacks from a forest monster forces them to change their plans. Their camp’s remote location makes escaping from the woods nearly impossible, but fighting the monster has deadly consequences. The men must use their brains and their brawn if they’re going to make it out alive.

Bag of Chips

25 April 2023

Author and screenwriter Geoffrey D. Calhoun joins the crew to write a story about a bag of chips. Specifically, a bag of potato chips, although it seems no one told Shep that, because his pitch is about a hacker who steals a bag of computer chips. Never wanting to back down from a challenge, the group finds a way to make it work, and together they create a story about a heist to steal potato-based computer chips.