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Ep. 63


21 November 2023

Jake is a smarter-than-average domesticated turkey living on a poultry farm. He has it all: Food, security, and a girlfriend. But when he escapes from his pen, gets lost in the woods, and meets a flock of wild turkeys, he is introduced to a way of life and a world he never knew existed. The wild turkeys help Jake get home to the farm, but now that he’s had a taste of freedom, will he stay?

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14 February 2023

Ephram is an aspiring writer living in a big city. When his great aunt passes away and he inherits her cottage in a tiny New England town, he sees an opportunity to get the peace and quiet he needs to finally write his novel. Unbeknownst to him, a spell-gone-wrong in the late 18th century has cursed the town with a zombie problem, and flowers are the only thing that can hold back the undead.

Year One Review – Part 2

31 January 2023

Part 2 of our Year One Review episode. Almost Plausible is one year old, so Emily, Shep, and Thomas take a look (er, listen?) back over the first year’s episodes and give you some extra insights into the show.

Year One Review – Part 1

31 January 2023

Almost Plausible is one year old, so Emily, Shep, and Thomas take a look (er, listen?) back over the first year’s episodes and give you some extra insights into the show.


17 January 2023

In a world of marshmallow islands and hot cocoa oceans, a community scrambles to save their homes after years of corruption and ecological mismanagement. One family must find a way to rally the working class together to literally take back their land from the billionaires.


03 January 2023

A long-forgotten videocassette for a Sesame Street style TV show turns out to be a portal into the puppet world. But when a pair of children go through the portal and meet a strange new friend, their parents have to race to save them from a very grown-up danger.


20 December 2022

Who doesn’t love eggnog? Well, you might not, but we love it! And for the main character of this episode, eggnog is the only good thing about the winter holidays. But that love of eggnog, along with his humbug attitude toward Christmas, make him a perfect—if unlikely—candidate to become a Santa Claus (not *the* Santa Claus, just *a* Santa Claus). Join an all-star cast as they engage in some classic “reindeer games,” and help Ben Affleck find his Christmas Spirit.

Birthday Candle

06 December 2022

If birthday candles really did grant wishes, what would you wish for? In this episode, a magical birthday candle gives our main character near immortality, making it so that he only ages when the candle is burned. But as is often the case with magic, things don’t work out as expected.

Turkey Baster

22 November 2022

We’re going medieval on this episode about a mute palace servant whose sole job is to baste the king’s turkey legs. When the queer king can’t (or won’t) produce an heir, the turkey baster is called in to assist—but probably not in the way you’re thinking. It’s a farce of mistaken identities, complete with sex, murder, and a happy ending (*ahem* several, actually).


08 November 2022

We roll the dice on a more serious romance story in this episode. It’s the late 1940s, and a pretty young pip painter at a dice factory catches the eye of the new guy. Unbeknownst to him, she has some serious post-war baggage, and the shadow of her late war hero husband looms over their nascent relationship. Join us as we explore (and poke fun at) gender role stereotypes in post-World War II America.

Candy Corn

25 October 2022

Things get spooky when we tell scary stories about candy corn around a campfire. In the woods. At night. Despite Emily and Thomas bringing beer and making s’mores, Shep hates the entire experience—the reason why is revealed when he tells his story. But surely there’s nothing lurking in the woods, right?