Meet the Crew

Hi! We're Thomas, Emily, and Shep. The three of us are long-time friends who love movies, writing, and having a good time (but who doesn't, right?). We also love a good challenge, and as if coming up with a story about some random object wasn't tricky enough, we try to do it in under an hour. It can be difficult, and sometimes a little frustrating, but we always have fun doing it.


Thomas J. Brown

The son of a producer and a photographer, Thomas has visual storytelling in his blood, which is why he earned a B.A. in Electronic Media and Film from Eastern Washington University. During and after college, Thomas worked at a small video production company, as well as television stations KREM and KAYU. Thomas also has a history in radio, working on the air at both KEWU and KYRS.

Thomas and Emily previously collaborated on the award-winning monthly podcast ALLOpod.

In his spare time, Thomas enjoys cooking, playing video games, and watching movies (of course).



As a teenager, Emily had big dreams of being a writer/director. She wanted to be the creative mastermind behind all kinds of movies: Independent rom-coms, big blockbuster action films, truly creepy horror movies. She went to Eastern Washington University to pursue films studies, which is where she met Thomas. However, she quickly learned there were some skills she was sorely lacking (mostly camera and lighting). A quick switch to creative writing and she was off to pursue the life of the next great American novelist or playwright.

Two degrees and a recession later, Emily has found herself working in the insurance industry. This podcast is a way for her to get back in touch with her creative storytelling roots and have fun with two of her oldest and dearest friends. Emily has found something great here at Almost Plausible, and she hopes you will enjoy this journey along with her.


F. Paul Shepard

You can call him Shep, but he won't hear you, this is just the About page.

Abandoned in the woods as a child and raised by wolves, Shep had a perfectly normal childhood and is doing FINE. Just kidding, he was hardly a child, he was twelve! That's nearly a teenager.

Shep used to be an English teacher, now he's a freelance editor of amateur webnovels. He's a language nerd, so if you see him feel free to teach him how to say "Hello" in a new language.

Don't ask what the F. stands for.