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Ep. 80

Cassette Tape

16 July 2024

In a retro-futuristic world, a technology exists that allows you temporarily adopt someone else’s personality by listening to a special cassette tape. When a young woman goes missing, her brother uses her personality tape to try to find out what happened to her.

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08 February 2022

How cool would it be to find a jacket where, whenever you reached into the pocket, you found exactly what you needed in that moment? Need to pay for parking? Your pocket is full of quarters. Need to freshen your breath? Just reach into the pocket and pull out some breath mints. But what if the pocket was evil and it was using you to accomplish its nefarious goals?


01 February 2022

The day before a pivotal competition, a group of mathletes loses their calculators. Now they must race against time to track them down or risk losing a chance at a college scholarship.

Almost Plausible Trailer

20 January 2022

Welcome to Almost Plausible! The podcast that takes ordinary ideas and turns them into stories. Join Thomas, Emily, and F. Paul Shepard as they come up with an entire movie plot in under an hour, all centered around some everyday object.