28 June 2022

Independence Day in the U.S. is right around the corner, so we’re celebrating with a Fourth of July classic: Fireworks! On this episode, we create some teenage characters who live where fireworks are illegal, but that doesn’t stop them from trying to get their hands on some. Things go hilariously wrong, and it’s up to our quick-witted high schoolers to figure out how to set it all right—or at least get their hands on the season’s most popular fireworks.

The Plot of the Show

Almost Plausible is a podcast where three friends make up stories, usually in the form of a movie plot, where something unexpected takes a central or critical role in the story. For example, how would you make a movie about a pillow? Or a ceiling fan? Or a toilet brush? That’s exactly what we try to figure out on the show!

Each episode starts with a brief pitch session, where we take turns sharing the ideas we’ve come up with for each episode’s topic. After we’ve heard all the pitches, we pick one, develop it, and hopefully come up with a story that’s at least almost plausible.

It's fun, funny, and it all happens in under an hour.

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Not sure where start? The good news is that Almost Plausible isn't one of those shows where you have to start from Episode 1; you can choose any of our episodes and dive right in! Here are some of our favorites:

I absolutely love the refreshing and unique concept of this podcast. And they sound good and execute it well. I love shouting my plot ideas at them as I listen and wishing they could hear me. Overall, I’ve found each episode entertaining and they’ve got great humor and rapport as well.


Previous Episodes


21 June 2022

According to Urban Dictionary, the irrational fear of zippers is called jumaphobia. It seems like a pretty rare phobia, but maybe after listening to this week’s episode there’ll be at least a few more cases. We promise it’s not too scary! Maybe more unnerving? Either way, it’s definitely entertaining.

Bowling Pin

14 June 2022

What do stolen diamonds, a shady pawn shop, and a bowling pin have in common? They’re all part of the story we came up with on this week’s show. When a couple of brothers learn their grand plan has been derailed, they quickly discover a trap has been laid for them. And somehow there’s a bowling pin at center of it all.


07 June 2022

This week on Almost Plausible we welcome our first guest host, Daniel Hess! Daniel chose “brick” for the subject of the episode, and the pitches were about as varied as possible. We must have ended up choosing the right one, though, because we never found ourselves up against the wall while coming up with a story. We enjoyed having Daniel on the show, and by the end we came up with a movie we all wanted to see. Hopefully you’ll agree with us that this episode is out of this world!

Meet the Crew

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