26 September 2023

A group of friends from college, now middle-aged, gather for an Oktoberfest celebration. Their host intends to tell his comrades about his illness and impending death, but he isn’t able to find the right time to share this grave news. Over the course of the same weekend, he begins to reconnect with his estranged father and learns more about his mother’s affliction with the same illness.

The Plot of the Show

Almost Plausible is a podcast where three friends make up stories, usually in the form of a movie plot, where something unexpected takes a central or critical role in the story. For example, how would you make a movie about a pillow? Or a ceiling fan? Or a toilet brush? That’s exactly what we try to figure out on the show!

Each episode starts with a brief pitch session, where we take turns sharing the ideas we’ve come up with for each episode’s topic. After we’ve heard all the pitches, we pick one, develop it, and hopefully come up with a story that’s at least almost plausible.

It's fun, funny, and it all happens in under an hour.

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Not sure where start? The good news is that Almost Plausible isn't one of those shows where you have to start from Episode 1; you can choose any of our episodes and dive right in! Here are some of our favorites:

Year One Infographic

We released the first episode of Almost Plausible on February 1, 2022, so when our first full year concluded a couple of months ago, we took a look back at the analytics we gathered during that time.

Our first year exceeded our expectations, and we found the story told by the data to be an interesting one. So much so, that we wanted to share it with you in the form of an infographic.

Hilarious! The imagination and chemistry of these guys is really great. Love this podcast!


Previous Episodes


12 September 2023

A magician’s assistant steals his mentor’s face in order to rob a wealthy sheik, who has rented out Alcatraz to throw an extravagant party. When the magician is blamed for the theft, he and his compatriots must escape from the notorious prison and race against time to stop the assistant and recover the magician’s face.


29 August 2023

A young woman on a gap year trip through Europe is surprised to discover that the tooth on her necklace is a magical dragon tooth. The dragon’s spirit begins to fulfill her desires to be a popular social media influencer, but her newfound fame brings with it real danger. Two opposing factions are battling over the tooth, and the winner will decide the fate of humanity.


15 August 2023

In a future where all cars are driven by artificial intelligence, collisions are a thing of the past. So when an AI-driven car appears to intentionally crash into another vehicle, an insurance investigator is given the task of figuring out how this could have happened. He’s paired with an android running a copy of the car’s AI software, and together the sleuths follow a trail of improbable clues as they attempt to learn the truth about what went wrong and why.

Meet the Crew

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