Almost Plausible

Mac & Cheese

09 August 2022

Harkening back to the style of some of our older episodes, we take a looser definition of “Mac & Cheese” this week. The movie plot we create is a coming of age story about a couple of kids trying to work through things that even adults struggle with. The ending is bittersweet for our two main characters, and it’s possible we work through some things ourselves.

The Plot of the Show

Almost Plausible is a podcast where three friends make up stories, usually in the form of a movie plot, where something unexpected takes a central or critical role in the story. For example, how would you make a movie about a pillow? Or a ceiling fan? Or a toilet brush? That’s exactly what we try to figure out on the show!

Each episode starts with a brief pitch session, where we take turns sharing the ideas we’ve come up with for each episode’s topic. After we’ve heard all the pitches, we pick one, develop it, and hopefully come up with a story that’s at least almost plausible.

It's fun, funny, and it all happens in under an hour.

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Not sure where start? The good news is that Almost Plausible isn't one of those shows where you have to start from Episode 1; you can choose any of our episodes and dive right in! Here are some of our favorites:

Hilarious! The imagination and chemistry of these guys is really great. Love this podcast!


Previous Episodes

Contact Lenses

02 August 2022

If you could buy a contact lens that permanently repaired your vision, allowed you to see more colors, and gave you excellent night vision, would you buy it? What if the contact lenses were made from living tissue that eventually fused with your eyeballs? Still interested? This week, we “focus” on contact lenses that can do just that! The only trouble is, they’re made with… Let’s call it a foreign material, which has unexpected consequences.


26 July 2022

Let’s say it’s the 1980s and you’re new in town. To meet your neighbors and make some friends, you decide to host a Tupperware party. But some ditzy wannabes roll up to your crib, tell you that you’re invading their turf, and demand that you cut it out. What would you do? If you’re anything like the main character of our story this week, you take a chill pill, befriend a biker gang, and say, “yes way” to your future.

Oh, and those airheads from earlier? It turns out they’re members of a Satanic cult, and now they want to sacrifice you to appease the Dark Lord. Gag me with a spoon, right? I wonder if your new biker gang friends might be able to help you out with your little Satanist problem…

Washing Machine

19 July 2022

Imagine you and a stranger are suddenly teleported to a deserted island together, where you’re stuck for an entire year. Do you think you could survive? Do you think you might fall in love? What if the two of you weren’t on the island alone—what if there was a magical washing machine on the island with you?

This week’s episode focuses on a washing machine, and despite a bit of a rough start, we end up creating a fun romantic comedy about a couple of city-dwellers who have to set aside their differences to stay alive on an abandoned tropical island.

Meet the Crew

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