23 May 2023

Improviser Adal Rifai joins the Almost Plausible crew in this hilarious story about a pair of food truck owners who face off during a cooking battle with a hefty cash prize. Despite their initial headbutting, the chefs soon discover they have more in common than just their cuisine, leading to a romantic entanglement.

The Plot of the Show

Almost Plausible is a podcast where three friends make up stories, usually in the form of a movie plot, where something unexpected takes a central or critical role in the story. For example, how would you make a movie about a pillow? Or a ceiling fan? Or a toilet brush? That’s exactly what we try to figure out on the show!

Each episode starts with a brief pitch session, where we take turns sharing the ideas we’ve come up with for each episode’s topic. After we’ve heard all the pitches, we pick one, develop it, and hopefully come up with a story that’s at least almost plausible.

It's fun, funny, and it all happens in under an hour.

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Not sure where start? The good news is that Almost Plausible isn't one of those shows where you have to start from Episode 1; you can choose any of our episodes and dive right in! Here are some of our favorites:

Year One Infographic

We released the first episode of Almost Plausible on February 1, 2022, so when our first full year concluded a couple of months ago, we took a look back at the analytics we gathered during that time.

Our first year exceeded our expectations, and we found the story told by the data to be an interesting one. So much so, that we wanted to share it with you in the form of an infographic.

I absolutely love the refreshing and unique concept of this podcast. And they sound good and execute it well. I love shouting my plot ideas at them as I listen and wishing they could hear me. Overall, I’ve found each episode entertaining and they’ve got great humor and rapport as well.


Previous Episodes


09 May 2023

In the early twentieth century, a group of lumberjacks head into a remote part of the woods to work. The plan is to spend two weeks felling trees and finishing a log flume, but a series of attacks from a forest monster forces them to change their plans. Their camp’s remote location makes escaping from the woods nearly impossible, but fighting the monster has deadly consequences. The men must use their brains and their brawn if they’re going to make it out alive.

Bag of Chips

25 April 2023

Author and screenwriter Geoffrey D. Calhoun joins the crew to write a story about a bag of chips. Specifically, a bag of potato chips, although it seems no one told Shep that, because his pitch is about a hacker who steals a bag of computer chips. Never wanting to back down from a challenge, the group finds a way to make it work, and together they create a story about a heist to steal potato-based computer chips.


11 April 2023

A woman in her twenties is surprised when she suddenly lays a large egg. As if that wasn’t strange enough, the egg hatches to reveal a tiny human… With wings. The woman raises her daughter under a watchful eye, careful to make sure the secret of her child’s wings is never revealed. But what happens when her rebellious teenage daughter yearns to fly?

Meet the Crew

Three friends, one crazy idea, and a whole lotta fun! Meet the hosts of your new favorite podcast.