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20 January 2022

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Welcome to Almost Plausible! The podcast that takes ordinary ideas and turns them into stories. Join Thomas, Emily, and F. Paul Shepard as they come up with an entire movie plot in under an hour, all centered around some everyday object.


Hi, I’m Thomas.

I’m Emily.

I’m F. Paul Shepard.

And together we host a podcast called Almost Plausible.

Each week on Almost Plausible, we pick a different everyday object, and then make up a story centered around that object.

Usually this is in the form of a movie plot, and we try not to take ourselves too seriously.

[Clip: Shep]
‘Cause he’s not just a hero, he’s also a chef! And also a rat.

So whether you like writing, movies, or just stories in general, subscribe to Almost Plausible for free wherever you listen to podcasts.

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