Help us win up to $5,000 from Podcash!

Hey story fans, I have a huge favor to ask you.

Almost Plausible has entered a contest called Podcash, designed to help new and small podcasts by giving them up to $5,000! We could definitely use that money to make the show better and help it grow, and there’s a way you can help.

Send the judges a short note explaining what you love about Almost Plausible. And don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a novel—in fact, your love letter has a maximum length of 280 characters, so it’s actually pretty easy.

What will we do with the money if we win? Great question! Here are a few thoughts we’ve had so far:

  • Reimbursements and Ongoing Expenses – There are a number of on-time and ongoing expenses we have so far paid out-of-pocket, including the domain name for the website, hosting the MP3 files, and transcribing each episode. It would be great to pay each of us back for the money we’ve already invested, and since many of those are ongoing costs, we’d like to set a little aside for when those bills come up again.
  • Investing in Audio – We want to put out the highest quality episodes we can, and at the moment we’re recording in untreated rooms using equipment that’s good-but-not-great. We would like to upgrade our equipment, take some reasonable steps to treat our respective recording spaces, and possibly hire an audio professional to give us some advice.
  • Promote the Show – Every podcast wants to grow the size of its audience, and Almost Plausible is no different. While we don’t currently have a plan for purchasing ads, getting some money would allow us to look into this.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been subscribed since day one or have only listened to one episode. Anyone can write a love letter to support Almost Plausible. So go to our Podcash Love Letter submission page, and send your love letter today to help give Almost Plausible a boost.

And don’t worry, even if we’re not one of the lucky few podcasts chosen by the judges, we’ll continue to deliver new episodes, every week, for free.

Remember, 5 minutes of your time could mean $5,000 to help the show. The judges will be announcing the winners on March 25th, so you’ll need to have your love letter submitted well before then. The sooner you submit a love letter, the more likely it will be to help us, so take a moment today and help support Almost Plausible.

Thanks in advance!